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Zimbo man busted cheating with married woman in SA || Video


Zimbo man busted cheating with a married woman in SA – Video. There was drama in South Africa Cape Town when a Zimbabwean man was caught red-handed cheating with a married wife. These cheating scandals are rapidly on the rise and it’s now spilling to neighbouring countries.

We have just received a video of another scandal in Cape Town. A man was caught red-handed bonk!ng a married woman. From the video, we can tell that he the cheating man goes by the name of Ananias Mutemwa and he said he comes from Bikita Masvingo. He resides in Cape Town’s biggest ghetto Khayelitsha. Here is how the drama occurred…


The man appears to have been caught by the husband or the relatives of the wife he was cheating with and he was being asked questions of what happened and the man narrates her story to the gentlemen. Check the video below as the drama happened…

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