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Zim mom with genius 5-year-old son pleads for funds to send him to Robotics school.


Zim mom with genius 5-year-old son pleads for funds to send him to Robotics school. The five-year-old genius, Miguel has a very high IQ which is well above other kids in his age group and most adults as well. The proud Zimbabwean mother to a child prodigy is fundraising to send her five-year-old son to a special private school in Cape Town.

“Miguel has the ability to count up to 1,000 in multiples, he has a sharp memory that he is able to spell most words he has seen or read and he speaks English eloquently,” said Gladys Sethole about her son.

She wants to raise R93,000 to send her son to Curro Durbanville, which offers robotics and mechatronics from grade R students up to high school.

Said Miguel’s Mom

“This year I decided it is now time for him to join the mainstream schooling system, where he can be involved in engagement learning with peers of his age at a school that offers individual schooling support that he so much needs. He was accepted and enrolled right away,”

“The young man is very creative and loves building electronic cars, robots and mechanical devices. His dream, he says, is to build a vehicle that can fly, so that he doesn’t have to sit in traffic. We believe in his ability to achieve this dream.”

The independent school’s small classes programs allow for more one-on-one interaction with the teacher. Sethole said this was imperative for her son as he has “irregular concentration patterns” that require “constant attention”.

So far, over R2,500 had been raised for Miguel’s fees on Monday. One of the donors, identified as Alfred had praises for the small boy’s genius mind. “All the best, young sir. You are indeed the future of this country and tomorrow’s leadership.”

Another donor, identified as Mr G, said Miguel really deserved the opportunity to further his dreams. “Wishing you only the best of success young man. If anyone deserves this, it is you!” Below is Glady’s full message on fundraising for little Miguel.


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