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Wife On The Run After Attempting To Poison Hubby


Wife On The Run After Attempting To Poison Hubby. Francis Khondanani, who is Development Trust of Zimbabwe Board member for Mashonaland West Province, reportedly had tea that was laced with poison by Tanyaradzwa Denhere, 24, who packed her things and is on the run after the act. Khondanani and Denhere have been married for four years.

A Kadoma man escaped death by a whisker after he was allegedly poisoned by his ‘young wife’. Police in Kadoma are currently investigating the suspected food poisoning case under RRB number 4547203 and have since requested that Mr Khondanani be medically examined.

According to a letter addressed to ZRP Kadoma dated 24 January 2021 Kadoma General Hospital had approved that a tea sample that had been presented to them be taken to a private laboratory for analysis.

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“This serves to confirm that the above presented to us with a sample of tea. He suspects it might have been tampered with in an attempt to poison him,” reads the letter. “Unfortunately we do not have the laboratory capacity to analyse the tea. We have suggested that the sample be taken to a private laboratory for analysis.”

Khondanani said he had not yet recovered but had improved. “I have been to Harare for medical checks and I am getting better though I have not fully recovered yet,” he said. “The doctors are currently examining a sample of the tea I drank that day so we are waiting for results but meanwhile I have opened a case at Kadoma Central Police station.”

He said his wife had made the tea for him and he did not consume anything on the day. “I don’t know what came over Mai Noku. We have been together for four years and God blessed us with a daughter Nokutenda.

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“We were always happy, and recently we toured the country’s resorts from Nyanga, Kariba and even Bulawayo because that’s what she loved. I took her places and she really looked happy to me,” said Khondanani.

“On Saturday 23 January, she said she was not feeling well in the morning. She literally fell into my arms and looked pale and was shivering and she asked me to hold her because she felt sick. She really looked scared and when I asked her she said ‘hana yangu iri kurova’. She insisted she was okay but I had to make sure she sat down until she felt better.

“I later left the house without taking breakfast and told her I would eat during lunchtime but upon coming back I was shocked to find her busy with the house chores. I asked how she was feeling and she said she was very fit. She offered me a cup of tea and I took it before leaving for work.

“When I was about to leave, Mai Noku akandimhanyira akati asi munonyara kukisser mukadzi wenyu here? I smiled back ndikati ‘no ndinonyarei zvangu’ then she came closer to me and I kissed her cheek. This was the first time she did something like that but handina kuzviisa mumusoro. She stood by the gate waving at me kusvika mota yaenda,” he said.

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“It did not take much time before I started having stomach cramps, by this time I had reached the office. I thought it was something minor but it got worse and I postponed my 2pm meeting.

“I had to drink two litres of fresh milk trying to vomit but it didn’t change. Ndaingorutsa mukaka wegawega and drove back home. I couldn’t walk straight the pain was severe and sharp. “When I got home I found Mai Noku gone, all her clothes were not there. I had a running stomach and I am sure that saved me. I later managed to go to the hospital.” – H-Metro

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