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Veteran Actor MbudziYadhura’s Health Slumps


Vetera actor/comedian Mbudziyadhura’s health slumps. Mbudziyadhura’s longtime friend and manager Paradzai “Sekuru Para” Makosa confirmed the news to Standard Style on Friday, adding that the family made an appeal for financial support on Wednesday.

Popular actor Blessing Chimhowa who plays Mbudziyadhura in the Gringo series broadcast on ZBCTV – was rushed to a local clinic in Gweru in the early hours of Wednesday after developing abdominal complications and discharged later on the day.

“He became ill suddenly on Tuesday afternoon and became worse overnight. He was then rushed to a nearby clinic in the early hours of Wednesday. His health stabilised and he was later discharged without further referrals,” Makosa said.

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“Upon receiving the message we panicked seeing that we are in the middle of this Covid-19 pandemic. Mbudziyadhura has long-term complications with abdominal injuries sustained from a car accident that nearly claimed his life in 2007.” Makosa said the family was still looking for funds to cover Mbudziyadhura’s medical expenses.

“Well-wishers can still chip in because at the moment he is grounded. He needs to go for checkups,” he said. “Hard times have befallen a lot of people in this country, and Mbudziyadhura has not been spared.

“He lost his full-time job at Hifa [Harare International Festival of the Arts] and subsequently medical benefits among many other packages. After losing his job and benefits, Chimhowa purchased a piece of land in Hozheri, Gweru, and he is planning to become a full-time farmer if his health improves.”

Mbudziyadhura acted in Gringo drama series on ZBCTV, Gringo Mari Iripi?, Gringo Troublemaker One and Two, and featured in Yellow Card. He has also featured on stage plays that include Fat Cats where he played a West African conman.

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Sekuru Para disclosed plans to work on a Gringo series when Mbudziyadhura recovers and the intention to improve his visibility on social media. “Currently, we are trying to create content for his new YouTube channel as well as grow an online community through Facebook and Instagram,” Makosa said.

“There is also a possibility of working on a new Gringo movie fronted by Sekuru Banda. “Gringo’s son [Taurai] and Mbudziyadhura will pair to keep alive the legacy of the late comedian. All this was halted by Covid-19. The acting profession stood still since the pandemic’s outbreak.” – Bulawayo24

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