Home ENTERTAINMENT The Fans go haywire as Shaka Khoza returns to the #TheQueenMzansi

The Fans go haywire as Shaka Khoza returns to the #TheQueenMzansi


The latest episode of Mzansi Magic’s The Queen saw Shaka, played by SK Khoza, making his long awaited return.

The character’s re-entry caused viewers to explode with excitement on social media, causing the show to trend on Twitter with over 5000 tweets during the episode. The episode saw Kagiso reeling from his embarrassing drunken appearance at his own wedding.

Shaka Khoza

After admitting defeat to his bottle of whiskey, Kagiso headed home where he sat in a drunken daze as the world spun around him.

Shaka Khoza

Emerging from a blurred distance, the one and only Shaka reappeared, sending Kagiso into the stratosphere with a whopping kick. Didn’t see that one coming!


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