Home GENERAL Terence Mukupe’s ex-flame Rachel J demands paternity test.

Terence Mukupe’s ex-flame Rachel J demands paternity test.


Terence Mukupe’s ex-flame Rachel J demands a paternity test. Terence Mukupe ex-lover’s family dismissed claims Rachel J had been impregnated by popular South African based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and has challenged the ex-deputy finance minister to come for paternity to prove the child was his.

Mukupe publicly accused Bushiri recently that he had impregnated his musician ex. In a lengthy statement which gushes all about the controversial politician’s private affairs, the family dismissed Mukupe’s claims and asked him to present himself for a paternity test.

“The claims being levelled at Rachel J, of being impregnated by Prophet Bushiri are unbelievable with his evidence stating that they met in 2018, how is it possible for her to carry a pregnancy for two years. “We are confidently waiting for Terence Mukupe to come through for a DNA test.”

Source – Bulawayo24 News

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