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Tendai Biti to Zimbabweans: “You will miss Mugabe.”


Tendai Biti to Zimbabweans: You will miss Mugabe. One person that has been consistent in telling and reminding Zimbabwe and that they will miss President Robert Mugabe is MDC Vice President Tendai Biti. We publish below snippets from an interview he did with the Sunday Mail soon after splitting from the then Morgan Richard Tsvangirai led MDC.

In the recent past, Zimbabweans have taken to social media to express their displeasure at the President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government and wishing for the return of the late President Robert Mugabe.

“I think his (Mugabe) greatest asset is the recognition of nationhood, the recognition of the integrity of Zimbabwe as a sovereign State. The one characteristic that a leader must not have is the capacity to listen to gossip and unsubstantiated hearsay.

“I found, when I worked with President Mugabe, that the minute I said something in someone’s absence, that person would be called. I thought that was very good. That avoids hearsay and gossip.

“You must be man enough to repeat anything good or bad about a person in their presence, and I think that’s a very good quality.”

He continued: “I’ve said that at a certain stage in our history, people are going to miss Robert Mugabe. People will appreciate that that value of just keeping the sovereign integrity, which I have referred to hitherto, was so important because you now have little men with little ideas.

“. . .President Mugabe and I used to have our fights (during the Inclusive Government era). But I learnt that he appreciates people who are intelligent and honest and put their country first. And because of that, I think I had a good relationship with him.”

After the death of Mugabe, Biti repeated that Zimbabweans will miss Mugabe because of the misrule they will experience under Mnangagwa.

We now appreciate that despite his weaknesses, despite his commissions, despite his omissions there was an element of redemption in Robert Mugabe. There was an element of value in Robert Mugabe because now we have seen a valueless coterie of elites that are plundering our country into depths that we have not seen before.

My appreciation of Robert Mugabe now is bigger because of what I have been exposed to over the last 22 months. In fact during the government of national unity, after working closely with him, I suddenly realised that there were redeeming features and in 2012 I gave an interview to the country’s major newspaper saying this man will be missed when he is gone because Zimbabweans will appreciate his value, and that’s exactly what is happening.

-Bulawayo24 News

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