Friday, September 29, 2023
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“Marriage” Ends After In-laws Demand Lobola Top Up

A Mutasa couple was reportedly married for a few minutes before the bride’s parents broke off the union after finding out that the man...

Lobola Cancelled After Discovering The Bride Has A Tatoo

Lobola negotiation cancelled after they discovered that the bride has a tatto on her thigh. The unfortunate discovered was made during the bride’s virginity testing. The...

74-year-old Man Poisoned At Lobola Celebrations

74-year-old man poisoned at lobola celebrations meeting. Job Mujeri of Chimanikire village died after he drank a super Chibuku which he got from his...

No! Lobola (Bride Price) Has NOT Been Banned

Contrary to claims that the government has banned “roora/lobola” (bride price), the Marriages Bill which is before Parliament does not seek to do so,...

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