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“Stunner was better”, Tatelicious Supports Olinda, Discloses Own HIV Status Too…


Social media influencer and gender activist Tatelicious has commended UK based socialite Olinda Chapel for disclosing her HIV status to the public after her ex-husband Tytan backed her into a corner during an explosive interview.

Tytan accused Olinda of endangering his life by deceiving him during the course of their marriage.

This follows after a sobbing Tytan gave an interview on how he almost contracted the HIV virus from Olinda who allegedly withheld what he deemed was important information from him concerning her status.

Olinda hit back at Tytan saying he was aware of her positive status all along and even helped in administering her medication several times.

She said Tytan’s interview was intended to smear her image and it was a form of blackmail as he threatened to post her medical records online.

However, Tatelicious praised Olinda and said she had found a partner to walk within his own personal journey with the status.

Tatelicious, who is on record saying he is HIV positive, now sees Olinda as his ‘sister in arms’.

In typical Tatelicious fashion, which includes a dash of shade, sarcasm and sagely advise, he shared his thoughts on the matter between Olinda and Tytan.

Tatelicious said on his Facebook

“Stunner was a better man,haana kana kumbotaura zvedenda raOlly,aingodya zvake mari yaOC akanyarara achibatsira mumwe wake necup yemvura kana omwa fertiliser yehupenyu. (Stunner was a decent man, he ever disclosed Olinda’s HIV status in public and supported her)

“Aaaaaaaa Mai Nandi aaaaaaa ndafara wena aaaaaaaaaa shuwa God said to me HE WILL GIVE ME PEOPLE TO WALK WITH IN THIS HIV&AIDS JOURNEY,I never knew kuti ndikupihwa iwewe. (God gave me you)

“Aaaaaaaaah ndafara ini.(I’m so happy)

“But umwe mvura yakawanda Mbuya Putugadzike,combination yako ikukupisa miromo. (please drink lots of water, your drug cocktail is discoloring your lips)

“Your lips are light pink, just drink a lot of water ndichatumira ndorani.

“Welcome welcome, DENDA RIYA RAKUZOFAYA MANJE, just being joined by Swagerful Celebrities.

“He went on dish about his own experience with an ex-boyfriend who once pulled a Tytanesque move on him

“As an HIV Positive Celebrity, I have made it a mandate to tell all my fans and those who I have had se_x with about my HIV Positive STATUS.

“I did this so as to protect myself from scum bags who would want to ruin my life saying that I never told them about my HIV status when we indulged in a se_xual act.”

Tate added

“For my new fans who have joined the #Queen_Followership on Social media recently if you didn’t know about my HIV Status now you know.I have been #HIV_Positive for the past #17_Years.

“Don’t feel any pity for me because I don’t need it, I AM AS STRONG AS A RAILWAY LINE FROM CAPE TO CAIRO.

“This #Olinda_Tytan story is very complicated to understand.

“The first thing that came into my mind was “ What if Tytan is telling the truth?????

“Did Olinda tell the boy about her HIV status????”

“You remember in January 2020 when I had theNigerian_Saga????

“The guy was telling people that I never told him about my HIV STATUS but I had LIVE VIDEOS I did with the guy where he confessed to my audience that he doesn’t care about my HIV STATUS all he wants is to be with me.

“My Fans where MY ALIBIS and they rebutted his lies by screenshotting the videos which proved that the guy knew about my HIV STATUS.

“Hope Olinda is able to prove that Tytan knew about her HIV STATUS because she will be in hot soup with the BRITISH LAW If she didn’t tell her ex-partner Tytan.

“So if Tytan is acting out of anger to tell people what really happened to him, Please let him feel free to let it out.

“If Tytan is doing this for ratings or to gain relevance then Olinda should just sue the dumb dull Lawyer and Tytan together.

“Let’s just watch how the story will unfold but let us not be too quick to blame Tytan because Olinda always wants to coverup her faults with her noisy soprano discorded voice.


“I rest my case.”


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