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Somizi discusses “s_xuality, intimacy, chemistry, relationships dos and don’ts…”


Somizi Mohlongo-Motaung clearly had trouble spending time alone on Friday, 8 May 2020. The Woo-Shem personality that was clearly without his husband, Mohale, substituted his absence with social media.

Somizi first shared what he was having for dinner and in true Somizi style, he had a meat platter filled with “tra-la-las.”


After dinner, the popular Idols South Africa judge planned to host an adult Instagram Live session with his 3 million followers.

What was on the table to be discussed during the session? Well, “s_xuality, intimacy, chemistry, relationships dos and don’ts…”

Basically all the reasons that possibly are the reason that the reality star is currently married and seemingly happy in his relationship.

The last post was Somizi inviting his followers to Club Duvet and Pillow. If you have never heard of the club, that is okay. You probably have been, but never actually knew that that is what the club is called.

While struggling to sleep in the early hours of the morning, Somizi revealed being in bed and watching the Lockdown House Party with a drink sitting on his headboard.

Somizi called this new normal of partying indoors his “clubbing” and the bedroom was turned into Club Duvet and Pillow.



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