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Social Media drags Itumeleng Khune’s new look


Itumeleng Khune‘s fans have lost hope that their star player will ever catch a break on these social media streets.

Twitter recently had a debate on who is the most bullied local celebrity in the country and judging by the votes, Khune and Kelly Khumalo battled for the number one spot.

Whatever Khune does, good or bad, the negativity will always follow him. The soccer player rarely responds to the trolling, and nothing is different from this situation.

With the lockdown taking its toll on many people, many were sure they were going to come out of lockdown a different person. Khune being one of those people, he shared a picture of himself with his full-grown beard.

One would think that the age debate would be settled thanks to his recent picture. people are still not convinced that he is 32 years old according to Google. Khune debuted his new look and asked his followers what is their opinion.



The goalie did not relay many words on him being bullied and why is it on paper, he instead retweeted a tweet which said: “I don’t think there’s any other celeb who gets bullied like Itumeleng Khune and he doesn’t reply.”

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