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Shocking: Woman Slept With 919 Men In 24 Hours


Woman Slept With 919 Men In 24 Hours. A lot is often said about s_x and how long it should last. From stimulating quickies to longer rounds and strokes, the duration of s_x has always been a quality control measure.

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The Guinness Book of Records has recorded a lot of s_x-related records globally, including the longest s_x ever had.

For instance, Masanobu Soto from Japan made his country proud by m@sturbating for nine hours and 58 minutes.

He beat the previous world record, which was also his, by 28 minutes.

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In 1966, doctors from the Center for Marital and S_xual Studies in California said that a woman enjoyed 134 orgasms over the course of an hour.

Then, the big one was in 2004 when American porn actress Lisa Sparks held the record for highest frequency of s_x.

She won a s_x marathon where she poked 919 men in 24 hours.

Each s_xual intercourse lasted an average of 45 seconds.

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Does reading the above record make us s_xually unfit?

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