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Senior Doctors Down Tools “Until It Is Safe And Fair To Return To Work”: FULL TEXT


Senior doctors have resolved to embark on a crippling, indefinite industrial action after the government failed to address their grievances.

We present below the doctors’ notification of their intent to down tools.

29 July 2020

To: The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Child Carc.

Ref: Notice of intent to withdraw from offering services

Thank you for your response letter dated 27 July 2020.

As you will appreciate, we delivered the grievances to you as a mandate from our constituency of senior hospital doctors.

It was our hope that there would be some attempt by the government to meet the requests made by doctors which we believe to be very valid and necessary in enabling reasonable service delivery.

We feel quite disappointed that all we got is realty an explanation of how we got where we are and how it is going to remain the same. This has been the pattern even in times before your tenure and we had really hoped for implementable solutions this time around. Since the status quo is going to persist, we regret to advise that our members will now proceed with the work stoppage until it is safe and fair to return to our posts.

We do hope that you will reconsider your position in the interests of our patients and your workforce.

Best regards
SHDA executive



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