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SAD NEWS:Speeding 85-year-old motorist knocks dead teenager in Bulawayo…


AN 85-YEAR-OLD Bulawayo man has appeared in court for hitting and injuring a 13-year-old girl with his car while speeding along Luveve road in Emakhandeni suburb.

Kefas Dube of Lobengula extension hit the girl Maya Dube who lives in the same suburb who was crossing Luveve road near the intersection with Huggins road.

The girl sustained head injuries. Dube pleaded guilty to negligent driving before Western Commonage magistrate Ms Gladmore Mushove.

He was remanded out of custody to today for sentencing.

The court heard that Dube was speeding at the time of the accident.

Dube told the court that he only saw the girl emerging from a vehicle which was in front of him and he failed to control his vehicle and hit her.

For the state, Mr Stewart Madzore said Dube was negligent as he failed to stop after noticing children approaching, leading to the accident. He said on March 14 last year at around 8AM, Dube was driving along Luveve road near Huggins intersection when the accident occurred.

“The accused hit the complainant who was crossing the road. As a result of the accident, the complainant was injured on the head,” said Mr Madzore. He said Dube’s car was damaged as his windscreen was shattered on the left side and also his bonnet was damaged.

Maya was rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital where she received treatment.


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