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REPORT: Joana Mamombe’s lover is a military Intelligence officer and Mnangagwa’s relative


MDC-A MP Joana Mamombe’s ‘lover’, Andrew Manongore is a Military Intelligence officer as well as a relative to president Emmerson Mnangagwa, Harare Live has learnt.

Mamombe who is married to Mfundi Mlilo claimed that she owned the car she was driving on the day they were allegedly abducted with two other activists, when in fact the vehicle is owned by one Andrew Manongore.

Manongore claimed to a successful Harare businessman with a fleet of cars but this has been dismissed after it emerged the cars belong to the secret services. In 2015, he was a key state witness in a case involving Barnwell Garufu who faced charges of masquerading as a Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) operative at a bar in the company of another person who claimed to be Vice-President Emerson Mnangagwa’s son. Manongore was revealed as Mnangagwa’s relative.

Apparently he is also a flamboyant businessman and Zanu PF supporter.

Manongore confirmed ownership of the car identified as the one Mamombe was driving on the day of her “abduction” together with two other MDC-T members.

Manongore (34), who lives in Chisipite, said Mamombe had free access at any time to his fleet of cars but in this instance, he was shocked when pictures surfaced on social media as he was not aware that the car had been used in “criminal activities”.

“She is my girlfriend. We started dating in January this year. I spend a lot of time with her; she drives any of my cars, although she prefers the Benz in question,” he said.

Manongore said he was still seeking answers on the trio’s disappearance and reappearance and the involvement of his vehicle in a criminal investigation.

“I am still wondering what happened. I cannot talk to her because she does not have a phone. I tried reaching out to her but I cannot go to the hospital because people from her party may be hostile towards me. Right now we are talking through intermediaries and family members,” he said.

He added that he was in no hurry to retrieve the car as it has potential to help police officers make sense of the confusing situation.

“Joanna was not mobile during that time, she had left her Toyota Fortuner in Masvingo and was using my cars to move around. I am more worried about her than the car at this point.”

Asked if Mamombe had expressed any concern regarding her safety prior to the alleged abduction, Manongore said: “When I was speaking to her mother and friends, they said she was afraid factional issues in her party could turn nasty.

“When we started dating, I was hearing of a guy called Mfundo from civil society. Joanna told me he is from her past but I am shocked to see him being visible since this alleged abduction happened. There were days he was always at the hospital and I do not know why that was the case.

“He is said to be a dubious character who can do anything for money. I am suspecting that this guy could have influenced my girlfriend to engage in demonstrations during a pandemic. Although we support different political parties, we have not had a problem until now and I am sure some other forces misled her.”

Two other MDC-T youth members — Netsai Marowa and Cecilia Chimbiri — disappeared together with Mamombe for a few days under unclear circumstances after an illegal flash demo in Warren Park on May 13, 2020. Investigations into what transpired are still ongoing as the trio allege that they were abducted after being arrested by the police.

In recent months, the MDC has been rocked by vicious infighting, with different groupings battling to control Harvest House and funds disbursed under the Political Parties Finance Act.

Trio’s timeline is more revealing

Investigations show that the three women actually remained in Harare long after the time they claim they had been thrown into a four-metre deep pit.

This evidence shows that the three converged somewhere in Harare in the morning of May 13 2020, drove along Samora Machel Avenue to Warren Park, where they spent just under two hours most probably participating in the demonstration, and then drove back together to Harare CBD via Rugare, Lochinvar and Harare Kopje.

The evidence does not place any of them on Samora Machel Avenue between Warren Park and Harare CBD or at either of the two roadblocks at National Sports Stadium and the Harare Showgrounds where they claim to have been abducted.

The evidence also places the trio somewhere in the Kopje area before they moved to the vicinity of Advocates Chambers in Old Mutual Building, where Chamisa’s priate offices are incidentally located.

They spent substantial unexplained time in both locations.

From Advocates Chambers they moved to Chimbiri’s residence in the avenues area. From there, Joana Mamombe is traced to Golden Stairs in the vicinity of Ashbrittle Service Station around 4.07 pm hours then to Belgravia an hour later, back to the Kopje area around 9.39 pm, then back to Chimbiri’s flat around 9.40 pm.

In an interview with HMetro, two years ago Joana Mamombe denied being Nelson Chamisa’s lover describing such allegations as malicious.

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