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RBZ denies giving ED Mnangagwa’s daughter US$250 000…


RBZ denies giving ED Mnangagwa’s daughter US$250 000. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has denied allegations that it gave President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s daughter Farai Mnangagwa US$250 000 on Friday without any receipts.

RBZ was responding to allegations raised by Professor Jonathan Moyo who had said, “Farai Mlotshwa (nee Mnangagwa) was today given USD250K in cash by the Dealers Section of @ReserveBankZIM ‘s Treasury Division. On 19 February 2020, RBZ was ordered to pay her USD 5m in tranches of USD 1m over five weeks. There’re no invoices for the transactions! #ForexCartel.”

Farai Mnangagwa is married to lawyer Gerald Mlotshwa. RBZ in a statement posted on Twitter responded denying the allegations saying no such transaction had happened.

“The Reserve Bank would like to dismiss the article circulating on social media on USD250 000 as fake news. The Reserve Bank only deals directly with Banks and Bureaux de Change.”

Moyo responded to RBZ statement saying it was a fake denial. “FAKE DENIAL. It’s known that Shavano and Mawire directed communications to deny, deny & deny some more. Mawire even sought to have staff involved in the Farai Mnangagwa transaction detained, but was stopped by security’s Muradzikwa who warned the detention would confirm the deal.”

-Bulawayo24 News

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