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Prophet Passion Java takes a dig at Enzo Ishall


Prophet Passion Java takes a dig at Enzo Ishall. They once worked together and one could tell that Prophet Passion Java had selected Enzo Ishall as his favourite among the Chillspot Records artists. We believe Enzo Ishall is the reason why Prophet Passion Java started to follow and sponsor Chillspot and Zimdancehall as well.

Enzo Ishall by then was riding high with his hit single Kanjiva which was almost a national anthem, everyone was singing the song. It went viral and made waves even on Trace Africa. All was well until last year when Enzo announced that he was partying ways with Chillspot and Passion Java.

This according to reports did not go well with Passion Java. Enzo is now signed under TeeMak Promotions a record label owned by millionaire TeeMak. This did not sit well with Passion Java who expressed his feelings without hiding or saying it indirectly and till now he is not happy hence why he posted the picture below

Pasiion Java Enzo Ishall post

– MbareTimes

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