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Prominent Traditional Healer Sekuru Banda Wades Into Olinda, Tytan Feud…


SOCIALITE Olinda Chapel-Nkomo and ex-husband Njabulo Nkomo aka Tytan should desist from washing their dirty linen in public, a traditional healer touted as Africa’s richest in the trade has commented.

The past week has seen musician Tyatn trade hot barbs with his former wife Olinda, which cli.maxed with Tytan revealing that she had not disclosed to him that she was HIV positive prior to their engaging in un.pr.o.tec.ted sx.

Even worse was that a hospital card of the couple’s daughter was leaked on social media, confirming the HIV status of the mother, much to the anger of the followers of the couple’s fight which has lit social media platforms all week.

Commenting on the debacle, Sekuru Kwamelo Banda, a traditional healer, insisted that marriage was sacred and that it was improper for Tytan to reveal his estranged wife’s HIV status on social media.

“Divorce happens but it is the last thing that a feuding couple should do. There are several ways to guard marriages because even in the Bible God does not condone divorce, however, when that happens couples need to seek advice from elders or marriage counsellors,” he said.

“I am more worried that Tytan also revealed Olinda’s HIV status in the way that he did. That is wrong and should be condemned in every way. As a traditional healer, I never disclose anyone’s HIV status because that is unAfrican and against the law,” he said.

Sekuru Banda is well known for his exploits salvaging marriages, using traditional medicines as well as using baboons to recover stolen property, prescribing concoctions on cheating partners, exorcism of demons, witches and wizards as well as healing different ailments.

So popular is Sekuru Banda that he has gained continental recognition while at the same scooping top spot as the most influential healer in Zimbabwe.

From his powers Sekuru Banda attracts to his shrine people from all walks of life and various backgrounds. People visit from countries like United States of America, Europe, Asia and the rest of Africa.

His diverse clients among them politicians, celebrities and the well to do, bring various gifts in appreciation of his quality services.

Added to this, Sekuru Banda is arguably the richest traditional healer in the world.


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