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Prince Kaybee & DJ Maphorisa’s fight heats up – More beans spilt…


After going back and forth exchanging words on the TL, Prince Kaybee has revealed that he holds no grudge against DJ Maphorisa.

This comes after DJ Maphorisa got the block hot after he made an example about owning the masters to his music alleging that Prince Kaybee, Lady Zamar, and Mafikizolo didn’t.

Not one to take things lying down, Kaybee hit back at Maphorisa with a list of businesses that he owned and alluded that Maphorisa could’ve made his point without dropping any names.

Kaybee told TshisaLIVE that he decided to respond to Maphorisa because he needed to be informed of the other income streams he (Kaybee) had.

When asked why he didn’t contact Maphorisa in person instead of entertaining his tweets, Kaybee questioned why he should have contacted Maphorisa privately, when he initially didn’t.

“He didn’t contact me in person, so I didn’t see the need to contact him in private.”

While their twar continued on Wednesday, Maphorisa brought through more receipts saying Kaybee may dominate on radio stats but he dominated more on sales stats.

Kaybee hit back hard at Maphorisa with a thread that depicted that he was the only artist in the last five years to have three singles gain diamond status and seven singles to go platinum.

“Lol, rratuku cumon papa, do those cloths u wear on your head burn your brain to this extent? let’s go. In the last five years I’m the only artist with three singles to go diamond and seven singles to go platinum in one album. Let me repeat, in one album. I’m not done. Read the thread.

In his thread, Kaybee added that Maphorisa was creating all this “masters” talk just to hype his concert and was glad that his name could help give him the promotion he needed.

“I also understand that you trying to push your concert so you have to mention that one artist that drops one song and tops charts while you drop 20 albums in one year. I’m glad to contribute to the hype of your ticket sales, you are my brother after all,” Kabyee wrote.

Kaybee added to his thread saying that he knew Maphorisa’s moves when it came to making songs as he was the only African power user for that software.

“Ola, Maphorisa, also come this side, you see that software you use to make songs, for those who don’t know its called FL Studio, I am the only African power user for that software. So before you make songs I know the interface and strategic input in what you use.

Feeling that Kaybee had no leg to stand on, Maphorisa replied saying, “Ish ish Kaybe, I started FL ka Fruity Lopps 3.4 ya demo its in my skin for life it changed my life. Probably you where eating mamina GE nna ke thoma this journey. Your arms still need to fu**en work hard to reach my level home boi. I’m done with you. Bring di four pipes re drifte.”

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