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Presiden ED Mnangagwa put into tight corner over Gukurahundi, risks being sent to ICC..


President ED Mnangagwa has been told to tell the truth about what transpired during the Matebeleland massacres known as Gukurahundi on the aftermath of Zimbabwe’s independence.

The warning was issued by activists at talks that were held in Bulawayo, three days after Sudan’s new rulers agreed to send ousted President Omar al-Bashir to be tried at the ICC for alleged war crimes.


CDE Mnangagwa is implicated in the massacres as he was the minister of State Security at the time when the North Korean trained 5th brigade raided Midlands and Matabeleland and killed villagers and ‘dissidents’.

The tragedy is unfortunately engraved in the history of Zimbabwe and some of the victims are still suffering the consequences to date.

Reports suggest that some of the victims are still in the diaspora while some are unable to access essential identity documents including birth certificates.

Mnangagwa has however allowed for a free and impartial discourse on the matter which has been kept a ‘danger zone’ during late former president Mugabe’s era.

This saw some of the remains of Gukurahundi victims repatriated and reburied last year.Some of the victims are however saying that the gesture is not enough and they are demanding that those who were responsible be brought to book and they are also demanding compensation.

– TimesLive

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