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Police Officer who likened Mnangagwa to a used C_NDOM, granted bail


Cop who likened Mnangagwa to a used C0ND0M granted bail. A member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), Shungudzemoyo Kache, who was arrested for insulting Zimbabwe leader Emmerson Mnangagwa by likening him to a used condom, has been granted bail.

Kache is accused of having told Stanley Mabhachi, who was wearing a scarf with the Zimbabwean flag colours, that Mnangagwa is a “used condom”, and he was on Saturday set free on ZW$300 bail.

He is set to reappear in court on the 22nd of June.

After being arrested for insulting the septuagenarian, Kache was reportedly taken to Zanu-PF headquarters, his legal representative, Jeremiah Bamu from the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) told the court.

The police officer joins a multiplicity of several Zimbabweans who have been dragged before the courts of law for insulting the Zanu-PF First Secretary and leader.

A couple of months ago, a councillor from Chipinge Crispen Rambu, was also taken to court and granted $500 bail after he described Mnangagwa to a fool compared to his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa in a group chat on WhatsApp.

Only recently, two Rushinga men were arrested on allegations of insulting the Zimbabwe leader through posting and commenting on a video shared on the residents’ WhatsApp group. A 30-year-old Mount Hampden resident, Abraham Baison was also arrested and taken to court after allegedly shouting expletives about Mnangagwa.

The arrests on nationals for insulting the president are replicate of the previous administration of deposed late Zimbabwe leader and Mnangagwa’s predecessor, Robert Mugabe.

Statistics from the ZLHR indicates that around 20 citizens have been arrested on charges of insulting the Zimbabwe president since his controversial victory in harmonised elections held in 2018.

Harare is on record defending the increased arrests on citizens accused of insulting Mnangagwa and last month, Home Affairs minister Kazembe Kazembe said if the insults amount to an offence from a legal viewpoint, the police is mandated to make arrests.

-Bulawayo24 News

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