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‘People will not vote for drunk puppets’ – Former Zanu-PF youth leader mocks MDC…


SUSPENDED Zanu-PF youth leader Pupurai Togarepi has mocked MDC supporters who allegedly smashed the windscreen of a Zupco bus on Saturday in Chitungwiza, saying they were drunk on illicit beer to cause violence hoping this would earn the opposition party some donor funds.

Togarepi said the MDC leaders are puppets of the West and have no strategy of their own to win votes apart from causing violence and damaging public property.

Zvinozikamwa ndozvokupwanya mabhazi. Zvanzi vana ve Zimbabwe varwadziwe vagovhotera zvimbwasungata. Mabhazi haanei ne politics, ndeeruzhinji.

Ndozvinonetsa zvinhu zvekirango motungamidza chidhakwa chinongoda kuona zvakapwanyika. Svinurai vanoda ma picture kunopuwa mari nama NGOs,” he wrote on Twitter, angering MDC supporters.

Police on Saturday arrested eleven MDC youths on charges of public violence following skirmishes in St. Mary’s, Chitungwiza.

The youths allegedly smashed a Zupco bus and assaulted some of the passengers, who said they lost valuables including cellphones.

The youths are expected in court today.

– Zimbabwe Voice

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