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Pamushana High School Students, Turn Valentine’s Gig Into S_x Orgies


STUDENTS at the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe (RCZ)-run Pamushana High School in Bikita East were reportedly involved in a beer binge and s_x escapades at the school premises after the institution hired a band to belatedly celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The incident reportedly happened on Saturday night at a show organised by the school authorities, which turned into a “vuzu” party, with pupils smuggling beer, while others were involved in s_x orgies.

Reports said security guards, who discovered empty beer bottles and used condoms strewn all over school premises, advised the school authorities about the issue.

The school authorities have since instituted investigations into the matter in an effort to bring the pupils involved to book.

Pamushana School Development Committee chairperson Charles Musimiki on Tuesday confirmed that students smuggled alcohol onto school premises.

“Children are involved in mischief whenever they are growing and tend to experiment on things. Remember, we are dealing with children who have reached adolescence, they tend to experiment on a lot of things. Yes, some brought in alcohol to experiment, but there is no evidence of s_x orgies at the school. The matter is being blown out of proportion to tarnish the good name of the school,” he said.

Musimiki said he had since advised the school authorities to investigate the issue.

“Remember, schools are there to grow these pupils academically, spiritually and in extracurricular activities. The musical function wasn’t even a Valentine’s Day celebration, but they have always been held at the school and there is nothing sinister about them. Honestly, if a child drinks beer, would he be treated as if he has killed a person? The issue of used condoms is out of the question. I went to school but didn’t notice any. As the SDC chairperson, I have a child who is at the school and I wouldn’t be happy to see him drink beer. So the matter is being investigated so that we brief parents on the correct position,” he said.

The school head, Raymond Ndega, said he was in a meeting, but confirmed some misdemeanour by pupils at the show.


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