New Details Emerge on 9-year-old Pregnant Girl


New details have emerged in the case of a pregnant nine-year-old girl from Masekesa village in Tsholotsho under Chief Gampu amid indications that the family lived with a young male relative.


Chief Gampu has called for the interrogation of the young man emphasising that he was not accusing the man.

The traditional leader said the young man left a few months ago allegedly to seek employment in Dogwe village, one of the villages in the district. The Chronicle quotes Chief Gampu as saying:

I am not at all saying the young man is responsible for what happened, neither am I saying the father did not but it is known that the family was living with a young relative who I believe is related to the girl’s mother and maybe the police may actually want to interview him as well, just like they did to the father.

The traditional leader said society was expected to protect young, innocent children instead of exposing them to such heinous acts.

He said he was going to spearhead awareness campaigns in his area of jurisdiction and encouraged other traditional leaders to also embark on such programmes so as to encourage and inform people about concerns related to child abuse while encouraging them to speak out against such vices.

The young girl who was just eight years old when she fell pregnant, with suspicions that she was raped, is set to give birth through a cesarean delivery on November 17 at United Bulawayo Hospitals.

The incident led to the arrest of the girl’s biological father (29) who allegedly warned his daughter that “goblins will visit her at night and insert something in her private parts.”



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