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‘Mumwe Ndichamurova Gore Rino’, Apostle Chiwenga Blasts Magaya: WATCH


The popular street Apostle Chiwenga blasts Prophet Magaya – Mumwe ndichamurova gore rino: Video. Apostle Chiwenga Blasts Prophet Magaya and Makandiwa label them fake helpers of people, says if they are true Prophets they should deliver people suffering from Covid if they have powers as they claim that have.

This is not the first time the controversial preacher has taken a dig at these two powerful and qwell-known Prophets in Zimbabwe. Apostle Chiwenga in fact has a history of blasting many Prophets in the country, including the ZAOGA founding member and one of the well respected mean in the religious history of this country baba Ezekiel Guti.

Check the video below as he lambasts Prophet Magaya for remaining quiet in this pandemic time…



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