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Mthuli Ncube replies ZANU PF,” The Economy Is In Terrible Shape, Am Not A Magician.”


Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube at the recent Zanu PF politburo meeting told the members of the party that the economy was in bad shape and he doesn’t have a magic wand to fix it, The Zimbabwe Independent reports.

According to the publication, senior party members accused Ncube and the RBZ governor John Mangudya of sabotaging their party through mismanaging the economy.

Party bigwigs reportedly led by Obert Mpofu said they feared the party would face problems when its time for elections and the Professor is supposed to address the economic turmoil. According to a source that spoke to the publication, this is how it played out in the meeting:

The main issue was that of the economy and how prices of basic goods and services have skyrocketed so terribly since he became Finance minister. He was mainly taken to task by politburo members who are out of government over the state of the economy. The politburo members said they were deeply worried that this could alienate the party from potential voters because people are suffering

Most criticism came from Mpofu and Chinamasa, but all members basically expressed concern over the way the economy was being run. Generally, the two were being accused of working against the party. As you may know, to us the government is subservient to the party, which is then responsible for articulating these policies to the people. So what we have done now is to summon some of these ministers whose policies seem to work against Zanu PF interests

Mthuli Ncube, in particular, said the economy was going to take a long time to recover, depending on the necessary interventions. However, he indicated that in the long run, his TSP would bear fruit, but you could see no one was buying that narrative

Ncube’s policies have been criticised by many as the economy took a turn for the worst with the Zim Dollar trading at close to $80 against the dollar on the parallel market amid skyrocketing inflation.

-the zimbabwe independent

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