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Moana’s mother replies to her ex-hubby’s wife: Kill your own


Moana’s mother Yolanda replies to her ex-hubby’s wife: Kill your own. Its looking highly unlikely Moana will be buried today. Moana’s mother went to High Court for an interdict. Moana’s father took burial order Thursday.

The father Ishmael who is a Moslem wants his daughter to be buried in the Moslem way, whilst the mother is not tolerating any of that. The woman who took care of Moana when she was a young girl has also voiced on the issue and has expressed that Moana’s biological mother is making things difficult because of her love for flamboyance show off.


However, Moana’s mother has quickly replied to those accusations and this is what she had to say. Watch video below

Moana’s mother believes her ex, Ismael Amuli is being influenced by his current wife (who looked after Moana). She feels Moana’s stepmom is behaving like the biological mother and the message is if she wants that role she should kill her own child.

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