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Missing Zim School Teenager(16) Found Staying With Boyfriend In Mozambique


In a surprising turn of events, Mitchell Gwashavanhu, a Transparency College student who went missing on March 1, has been safely brought back home from Mozambique, where she had voluntarily gone to stay with her boyfriend.

Initial fears of her being a victim of murder or trafficking caused distress among her family and friends.

New information reveals that Mitchell had willingly agreed to accompany her boyfriend to Mozambique. However, the man who took her has been arrested and is currently in police custody. Local investigators have traveled to Mozambique to facilitate Mitchell’s return.

Mitchell’s sudden disappearance had left her family devastated and demanding answers from the school authorities. Her uncle refrained from providing further details, stating that they were awaiting information from the police.

The man who took Mitchell to Mozambique is likely to face charges of kidnapping, considering her sudden disappearance. Child trafficking and rape charges are also possible. It is reported that Mitchell and her boyfriend had a mutual agreement to go together, believing they had found a potential spouse.

Fortunately, Mitchell’s health deteriorated during their stay in Mozambique, prompting her boyfriend to abandon her. Concerned for her well-being, she sought medical attention and subsequently reported the matter to the police.

Prior to Mitchell’s return, a call was made to her relatives, urging them to retrieve her from Mozambique. The details surrounding her decision to go with her boyfriend and the subsequent events leading to her return are still unfolding.

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