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Marabha’s medical bill balloons despite help from well-wishers


Marabha’s medical bill balloons despite help from well-wishers. Ailing comedian Charles ”Marabha” Mirisi’s situation has remained unchanged as the medical bill continues to balloon despite assistance from well-wishers.

His manager, Samuel Manjalima, said the medical bills were giving them a headache. Marabha is reportedly suffering from memory loss. His condition remains unchanged despite well-wishers chipping in.

”The situation has not changed. We have managed to send him for a head scan which costs more than US$600 and the doctors wanted to admit him, but the cost would have shot to US$1 200 for four days,” lamented Manjalima. ”He is in a sorry state. Yes, people are trying to assist but they are not really taking this situation seriously.”

Manjalima expressed gratitude to social media influencer and comedian Felistatus Murata Edwards, popularly known as Mai Titi who donated US$600 towards Marabha’s medical bills.

”We also have some well-wishers who are helping silently so we pray that the situation changes.” Freddy ”Kapfupi” Manjalima and Marabha recently reunited and were helping in raising awareness on the deadly COVID-19 pandemic through drama.

Source – NewsDay

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