Home WORLD Man drives car into George Floyd protesters, shoots black man

Man drives car into George Floyd protesters, shoots black man


A black man is in hospital in a stable condition after another man drove a car through anti-police brutality protesters in Seattle, Washington, and hit a barricade before brandishing a gun at demonstrators.

The Seattle Police Department said it had taken the suspect into custody and that it did not believe there were any additional victims.

Protester shot in Seattle after man drives vehicle through demonstration

At least one person has been shot after a man drove a vehicle through a Black Lives Matter protest in Seattle before getting out of the car and brandishing a gun at demonstrators.

Footage of the incident shared on Twitter depicts the moment the unnamed man drives up 11th and Pine St, prompting protesters to scatter.

As the vehicle slows to a stop, one person can be seen placing a barricade against the car, while several others surround it.

A gunshot sounds and one of the protesters up against the vehicle’s window falls to the found.

The Seattle Police Department tweeted it had taken the suspect into custody and added the city’s fire department had taken the shooting victim to hospital.

A man is seen walking around the back of a black car as medical workers tend to a shooting victim on the ground next to it.
The shooting victim, bottom right, has been taken to hospital.(Reuters: Lindsey Wasson)

“Officers searched, but do not believe there are any additional victims,” the tweet added.

The Seattle Fire Department said the victim, who they described as an approximately 27-year-old man, was in a stable condition.

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