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Madam Boss Linked Associate Keith Mpame Scamming People: Pics


Madam Boss linked associate Keith Mpame scamming people: Pics. A man who onced worked with Madam Boss or should l say whose world were once advertised by Madam Boss has turned into a scammer and fraudster as he is taking people’s money with him not leaving to his part of the deal.

The man known as Keith has been trending on social media after he was exposed by one customer whom he had scammed. He once worked with Tyra Chikocho according to the namedropper who exposed him. The person who exposed him said they came to know this guy after being linked by Madam Boss. Below is the information of how this guy is scamming people and some pictures of him…

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Keith Mpame Furniture

Baba judy kandai ndrihidey This guy anonzi keith mpame anoita zvedynamic furniture i know him through madam boss cz vakambo advertiser his work and things on social media so i approached this guy thru his app ndichida unit so he said i should deposit imwe mari then panoita deliver
Keith Mpame scammer
ndomupa ndopedzisa mari yake he came kumba kwangu musi wa16 january 2021 ndikamupa deposit yeunit then kubva ipapo haana kuzobatika ndikuzonzwa nezvake then this other day he apped me achiti he is coming to deliver my furniture
Scammer Keith Mpamehaina kuuya till now if i tried kumufonera kana kumu apper ahachatondipindure kana kubatika asi he is busy updating his statuses even kubusiness account yake akutoisa zvinhu achiti akutengesa jus found out today kuti many people are complaining about this guy hanzi yave mbavha.
Furniture scammer Keith Mpame
– Pindula



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