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Is Mzansi ready for an AKA presidency? #AKA4President


AKA is ready to run for office after the ruling by the Constitutional Court about the Electoral Act prohibiting independent candidates. On Thursday, the Constitutional Court ruled that the portion of the Electoral Act which prohibits independent candidates from standing for national and provincial elections is unconstitutional.

The court has given Parliament 24 months to make amendments to the Electoral Act of 1998 so it reflects the changes stated by the court. Taking to his Instagram page, the “Fela In Versace” rapper decided to address his constituents and asked them to send their questions if he hypothetically would run for office and be voted in as president.

AKA TV coming soon

He even asked his fans to address him as Senator Mega along with #AKA4President.
Fans quickly made the hashtag jump on the Twitter trends list by asking him a range of question, from gender-based violence, the national anthem to his campaign slogan.



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