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“I”m brokenhearted She lied to me that she is single”


A brokenhearted Bulawayo-based cop shared his emotionally draining and a gruelling tale of love which ended up putting him in a “fix” after he impr_gnated his married lover who lied to him during the subsistence of their relationship that she was single.

Isaac Gwirai Mushandu, who apparently felt trapped after he impr_gnated a married woman, now ex-lover Sibonginkosi Moyo from Gwabalanda suburb, decided to blow open her deep dark secret at the Bulawayo Civil Court where he exposed her as a “Jezebel” who landed him in big trouble when she blatantly cheated on her husband with him.

Detailing his devastation Mushandu who supposedly didn’t want to be seen as a marriage-wrecker said he terminated his relationship with Moyo upon discovering that she had lied to him that she was not married.

However, for Moyo, it means their s_x game with Mushandu was just too good that she could not let go when she started harassing and threatening him as punishment for dumping and leaving her in a moral dilemma.

In his application for a restraining order to stop Moyo’s threats, Mushandu is stationed at Ross Camp narrated how his ex-lover allegedly trapped him into siring a child with her.

“I was in a relationship with Sibonginkosi Moyo and I terminated the affair when I discovered that she was customarily married to another man. The affair resulted in the birth of a child. I am now seeking a protection order against her because she is now calling and sending me insulting messages as punishment for terminating the relationship.

“She is even coming to my house and workplace to insult me in front of my neighbours and workmates. She is also bragging that she applied for maintenance against me as a way of fixing me for terminating the affair.

“During the course of our relationship, she was not faithful enough because she never told me that she was customarily married until I discovered it myself,” complained Mushandu.

He begged the court to stop his estranged lover from harassing him.

“I want the court to bar her from calling and sending me insulting messages and to stop coming to my house and workplace. As for the child’s needs, she should communicate with me through a mediator of her choice,” he suggested.

Moyo didn’t come to the court to defend herself leading presiding magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu to grant the order in favour of Mushandu.

The order spells out that she should not verbally and emotionally abuse him. She was also ordered not to call or send him abusive messages and to go to his house and workplace.

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