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“I did that out of love”: Man bashes wife for failing to bring him food at his community service post…


RESIDENTS in Makokoba suburb in Bulawayo were treated to free drama last week on Thursday after a man ran berserk and thrashed his half-naked wife for failing to bring him food at his community service post — the courts.

Mathias Mabhena(26) who is serving his community service sentence at Bulawayo’s Tredgold courts for a sentence of physically abusing his wife Evilia Millian(25) which he committed last year in December, allegedly fumed at his wife for failing to bring him sadza for lunch.

It is said when Mabhena got home last week on Thursday he accused his wife of disrespecting him.

As a result, the court heard, an argument ensued and at the height of it Mabhena turned violent.

He reportedly grabbed his wife by the neck and pushed her against the wall.

“His wife who was packing clothes bolted out of the house. Mabhena followed in hot pursuit and caught up with her. He battered her several times all over the body with a rope,” the court heard.

It is said an elderly man intervened and quelled the situation which had gotten ugly.

Millian made a report at Mzilikazi Police Station leading to Mabhena’s arrest.

Appearing before magistrate Stephen Ndlovu at the Tredgold Magistrates Court, Mabhena pleaded guilty to an assault charge.

He took to the stand: “I’m really sorry for what I did. I got angry when she told me off after I asked her why she did not bring me food at the court where I’m doing community service for a crime I committed last year. I had to beat her and I did that out of love.”

Moyo took to the stand: “He is abusive. Whenever an argument arises he beats me with open hands and he emotionally abuses me as he is fond of insulting me in front of our children. Last week he beat me in full view of the public while I was wearing a bra and a skirt.”

He was remanded out of custody to next week on Tuesday for sentencing.

— BMetro

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