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Highlights From ED’s SONA


During the president’s short SONA on ZTV today this morning, President Mnangagwa highlighted the following and said:

  • On macroeconomic issues bedevilling the country the president said: My government has faced attacks since my inauguration e.g sanctions, economic aggression, drought, COVID-19.
  • On the solutions to the issues he metioned the president said: We will defeat the attack and bleeding on our economy. We make no apology for fixing our economy across the political, social and economic spectrum.
  • On civil rights matters President Mnangagwa said: We wil continue to strike a balance between peace and stability and protection of civil rights on the other hand.
  • Speaking about reforms, the president said: Reforms that will open up the economy and help entrepreneurs are bearing fruits.
  • On corruption he also said: Corruption at all levels must stop.
  • On growth and Development President Mnangagwa ephasised that: The dark forces inside and outside our borders have tempered with our growth and development for too long. Let us embrace patriotism, accountability, love and unity. Let’s defend our country and develop it and not tear it apart by dividing it’s people.
  • He finished his address by making a promise and said: I vow to continue working harder towards the vision we have set out.


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