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Harare City Resolves To Repossess All Its Buildings Used By ZESA Following Fallout


Harare City Council (HCC) has resolved to repossess all its buildings which are being used by Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) holdings.

The resolution was made following a prolonged tussle between the two institutions over debts. Last year, Zesa demanded that Harare settles its debt while the local authority also demanded the same from the power utility.

The buildings which Harare City intends to repossess include Wynne Street offices, National Control Centre, Zesa Metering Section and Harare Thermal Station among others.

According to recent council minutes, Harare now wants to repossess its buildings under Zesa occupation. Read the minutes:

The Acting Chamber Secretary reported that the (City Valuer and Estates Manager) under the Finance Department was seized with the matter regarding the repossession of buildings from ZESA and as soon as that was resolved, council would take necessary action to repossess its buildings from ZESA.

During discussion, the Committee agreed to refer the matter to the Finance and Development Committee to look into issues of repossessing the buildings and that of outstanding payment.

Last year, Energy Minister, advocate Fortune Chasi authorised Zesa to recover all the money (over a $1 billion) it was owed.

The utility then approached creditors, HCC included and Harare Mayor Councillor Herbert Gomba responded saying the power utility owed them over $135 million for rentals, royalties and way-leaves.

-The Herald

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