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Hairdressers4ED In Recruitment Drive


A ZANU PF-affiliated group, Hairdressers for Economic Development (Hairdressers4ED), which claims to have 3 000 members in Bulawayo, says it will ask for land from the government to enable its members to build their salons.

National Hairdressers4ED chairman, Archibald Siziba, said the organisation is going to be formally launched sometime in February. He said:


We are going to push for hairdressers and beauticians to get land where we can grow our businesses.

We are working towards exporting hair products and even getting nail machines that will allow us to make our own nails instead of importing them.

We have done our research and we know it is possible to do this, that is why we are calling upon more hairdressers and beauticians to join us.

Siziba said the organisation will work towards addressing the challenges facing most hairdressers.

More than twenty ZANU PF-affiliated groups claiming to be championing economic development (ED), have emerged over the past few months.

Among them are Mahwindi4ED, Teachers4ED, Young Pastrors4ED, Vapositori4ED, etcetera.

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