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Govt ready to increase civil servants salaries


Government is considering virtual meetings and other avenues to speed up talks on civil servants salaries. Consultations with civil servants representatives on a possible date to finalise salary negotiations are underway following delays in the planned discussions after some key members in the processes were impacted by Covid-19.

Zoom meetings among a host of several possibilities are being lined up, but any arrangement needs to be done in consultation with workers’ representatives.The push to conclude negotiations is the testimony of the Government’s prioritisation of its workers who have requested an upward salary adjustment.

The Public Service Commission Secretary Ambassador Jonathan Wutawunashe said the commission was pushing for an expeditious resolution on negotiations between Government and its workers’ representatives.“Some members who are very important to these negotiations have been impacted by Covid-19 which has stalled the progress of the talks.

But now on the part of Government, we are ready for the resumption of the negotiations. “Ideally Government was willing to finalise the negotiations this month. But for now we have engaged the civil servants’ representatives on the possible way forward, that is the next date of the meeting, and maybe the possibility of Zoom meetings.”

Zoom meetings trial runs have been done with success at Government level and it is a possibility in these negotiations.”Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare Minister Prof Paul Mavima urged unions representing civil servants to be realistic with their proposals.

Government is determined to retain the fiscal discipline it has shown in the last two years.

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