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Govt attacks Julius Malema: “Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa”

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA ñ JULY 11: Commander in Chief Julius Malema during the launch of Economic Freedom Fighters on July 11, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Expelled ANCYL president, Julius Malema launched his new political party ñ Economic Freedom Party yesterday. (Photo by Gallo Images / Foto24 / Denzil Maregele)

The government has responded to the party lead by Julius Malema, EFF, ‘s statement on the $3.5 billion compensation package signed between the government and the white farmers earlier this week, The Herald reports.

EFF released a statement criticising the decision made by the government to compensate white farmers and said the government was insulting those who had fought for freedom in the liberation struggle.

Responding to the firebrand EFF leader’s party Information Ministry’s Nick Mangwana said the government was following the constitution and said:

The compensation of the said farmers is in line with the Zimbabwe Constitution, overwhelmingly voted for by the majority of Zimbabweans, political leaders across the divide included.

Specifically, Chapter 16, Section 295 Sub Section 3, as read with Section 72 Sub Section 3 (a), obligates the State to pay compensation for improvements that were on land when such land was acquired.

Mangwana also labelled the statement offensive and said:

Government also takes offence at the uncouth but unsurprising attacks on the person of President Mnangagwa by Malema who appears to be under the illusion that vulgarity is an ideology. We, therefore, wish to remind Mr Malema that Zimbabwe is not a province of South Africa or one of his shacks and he should leave Zimbabweans to deal with Zimbabwean issues.

While Zimbabwe welcomes any counsel from its neighbours, Government is of the view that Malema, as one of the opposition leaders in South Africa, is better-occupied tackling challenges in his own country rather than pronouncing himself on matters he is not well versed within Zimbabwe.

The latest response to Malema comes days after the ruling party infamously referred to the American Ambassador as a thug and threatened to expel him in a move that might further weaken the relationship between Washington and Harare.


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