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Government Is Not Capacitated To Pay Civil Servants In USD – Mangwana


In a tweet , Cde Nick Mangwana said : We cannot print the USD. The USD we use in this country can only come from what we export and Diaspora remittances. This certainly is not enough to pay the Civil Service, pay for imports and circulate around to everybody to transact exclusively with.

You first have to ask yourself, how much of that comes to Govt and how much will the wage bill comes to if everyone earns USD. Then you check what our medicine, fuel, electricity, spares and other sundries import bill is. This will see that the books won’t balance. It will not work.

Medicine, fuel, electricity, spares etc all must be covered in returns. Are they given for free to people. Maybe you are getting it for free as administrator but we are paying and sometimes not getting what we have paid for

One user asked : Is gold being sold in rtgs, is tobacco being sold in rtgs, chrome diamonds lithium etc, is duty being paid in rtgs, expatriate fees is it being in rtgs, the govt and its department are the biggest entity transacting in usd in terms of revenue collection

These debates have made many Zimbabweans anxious about what the future holds as it remains unpredictable and uncertain.


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