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Glen-Norah A House Destroyed by Gas Explosion


Residents of Glen-Norah A found themselves in a state of disbelief when a 3kg gas tank exploded, wreaking havoc on a house and causing injuries to an innocent four-day-old infant. The blast also resulted in severe burns to two women who were present at the scene.

The impact of the explosion was so intense that it demolished the walls, roof, and window panes of the house. Even a refrigerator within the premises did not escape unscathed and suffered damage as well. The reverberations of the blast could be heard up to 400 meters away from the site, leaving onlookers astounded.

The cause of this devastating incident can be traced back to the ill-fated combination of a 3kg gas tank and the presence of an insect killer sprayed inside the house. According to a witness, Charmaine, the house occupant, had intended to prepare breakfast in the dining room at around 11 am. Unbeknownst to her, the insect killer had been recently applied, and the closed windows were meant to enhance its effectiveness.

Unfortunately, as Charmaine lit the 3kg gas tank, the flames came into contact with the lingering insect spray, leading to a catastrophic explosion. The force of the blast inflicted significant damage on the house’s roof and walls, leaving them in ruins.

Regrettably, Charmaine, a young woman of 19, suffered severe burns on her face, chest, and hands, bearing the brunt of the explosion’s impact. Her aunt and the four-day-old infant sustained minor burns in the incident.

Emergency responders swiftly rushed the injured victims to the hospital for urgent medical attention. Concurrently, the incident was promptly reported to the Glen Norah Police Station, initiating an official investigation into the matter.

This unfortunate event serves as a reminder of the importance of handling potentially dangerous substances with utmost care and ensuring the adherence to safety guidelines to prevent such devastating consequences.

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