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Free Technology, Engineering Arts , Business and Financial Intelligence for Kids


Kimtronix Global has been training kids for free since 2018. They started with only two kids, gradually growing, now their class has over 20 kids. In 2019 they formed LEARNadz which now specialises in tender age grooming and mentorship in 3 major areas. Quite interesting, they have reserved Saturdays specifically for kids. In all these activities they provide free lunch, internet access, tool kits, and computers for those kids without them. Their 3 major areas of focus have been split into three pillars thus:



This is an opportunity for them to venture into the world of various technological fields that aids in installing vital skills relevant for the current forth industrial revolution thus, electronics, computer utilisation, programming, information technologies, robotics and low voltage automation.

Engineering Arts

We train kids the backend of the Arts industry. That is Film production processes, sound engineering, script writing, creative arts, digital presentations and graphic designing.

Business and Financial Intelligence

They coach kids to convert any of the acquired skills into a business (commercialisation):

  • Opportunity identification
  • Strategic planning towards career
  • Product development and market analysis



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