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Ezekiel Guti, Nehemiah Mutendi implicated in govt corrupt deals


In a damning revelation likely to put church leaders such as ZAOGA founder and leader Ezekiel Guti, ZCC leader Nehemiah Mutendi and Andrew Wutawunashe of Family of God into disrepute, an expose has linked these to having benefited from corrupt deals from the government.

This week’s Big Saturday Read (BSR), written by prominent lawyer Alex Magaisa, features the men of cloth who are receiving ‘loans’ from government without repaying them. Followers have been questioning the reasons behind certain pastors consistently attending state events and cosying up to Zanu PF leadership.

Part of today’s BSR focuses on the RBZ’s controversial farm mechanisation programme in 2008.

Magaisa wrote, “The list of beneficiaries includes the following members of the clergy: Ezekiel Guti who is listed as owing US$116,693.00; Nolbert Kunonga who was very popular with the Mugabe regime at the time of the Farm Mechanisation Scheme was awarded a loan of US$98,661.00. There is also an Agatha Kunonga who is listed as having received US$58,318.00. Rutendo Wutawunashe is listed as owing US$18,200.00. Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi was the biggest beneficiary among members of the clergy, with two loans of US$271,000.00 and US$315,600.00 for a grand total of US$586,600.00.”

Magaisa further goes to reveal that all these beneficiaries never repaid back their ‘loans’ and they are among the Zanu PF regime endorsers.


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