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ED’s Niece Defrauds CBZ Of US$37k – Report


A Harare woman Chirambe Chikafu reportedly posed as President’s daughter Chantelle Mnangagwa and defrauded CBZ US$37 000, plus interest, and the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority of a gold claim, The Herald reports.

Chikafu appeared before Harare magistrate Victoria Mashamba as Chantelle Chikafu Mnangagwa and it emerged she is President Mnangagwa’s niece and she has 4 different identities and 4 different ID cards.


In opposing bail, the state, led by Lancelot Mutsokota said:

According to police investigations, accused has four IDs she is using including the name Chantelle Mnangagwa. She was also fined $6 000 on a previous conviction in Mount Darwin. She had given the police the address of 4099 Tynwald South in Harare, but she had left those premises three years ago and the stand is now a private college.

Bearing in mind that she has four IDs she is using, she will manufacture false documents and had the propensity to commit similar offences while linking herself to the President, whereas her name is Chirambe Chikafu. The cellphone she provided, 0772 289 977 is registered in the name of one Chantelle Chikafu. This also shows that she uses various alias

Chantelle is President Mnangagwa’s brother Partison’s brother and is facing a lot of civil suits at the High Court. Mashamba remanded her in custody until 23 June on two counts of fraud.

-the herald

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