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Daughter (14) Poisons Dad For Banning Her To See Her Boyfriend


A 14-year-old daughter poisons dad for banning her from seeing her 17-year-old boyfriend. The Area Chief, Alexander Nyachiya, who disclosed the information, said the girl added poison into her father’s porridge which she had cooked on Sunday. This follows after her father questioned her relationship with her boyfriend which he found illegal and immoral.

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A 14 year-old-girl, Agnes(not real name), has been arrested for conniving with her 17-year-old secondary school boyfriend, Jonathan(not real name), for allegedly trying to kill her father because he objected their relationship.

According to him, the 14-year-old girl allegedly poisoned his father using Bluedevil, a pesticide used to get rid of insects. She added the poison in the porridge but her father noticed the bad smell and didn’t eat the food.

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“Her father asked her about the affair on Saturday and she was not happy about it. “On Sunday morning when others left for the fields, she was left at home with the father.

“She prepared porridge, put in poison, and served him,” Nyachiya said. When she was interrogated over her actions, she admitted that she wanted to kill her father for interfering in her relationship with the boy whom she claims she love so much and don’t want to lose.

Agnes and her teenage boyfriend have since been arrested. The police are conducting investigations on the issue to get evidence for the prosecution of the young lovebirds.– Pachopisatv

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