COVID-19 Spike In 4 Districts Of Mzansi


South Africa’s Health Department is warning of a spike in COVID-19 infections in four provinces.


Experts say cases are of less severe Omicron sub-variants.

In Gauteng, the number is rising, eNCA news reported citing Dr Harsha Somaroo, a Public Health Medicine Specialist at Wits University.

Somaroo said a higher number of tests have been performed in Gauteng since 2020. She said:

In terms of the recent increase in the number of Covid-19 cases, I think the one thing we think might be associated with it is the recent school holidays at the beginning of October.

I think usually the Covid cases —  when you consider the incubation time of the virus — it increases about five to ten days after transmission occurs so that’s when we start seeing the increase in the numbers.

As much as we’re slightly concerned about the increase, the numbers are low-level increases and we’ll continue to monitor it.

South Africa has as of 31 October 2022 recorded over 4 million cases and over 102 000 deaths.



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