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Citizens To Pay For COVID-19 Vaccines – Mthuli Ncube


Professor Mthuli Ncube the Zimbabwe’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development, has told state-controlled media that some Zimbabweans will be required to pay for Covid-19 vaccination.

His remarks come as the Southern African country is expecting to take delivery of its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines from the People’s Republic of China. He said:

“Look, private citizens obviously would have to pay for the vaccines.”

Mthuli Ncube added that the payment is meant to enable the government to “recoup” costs of procurement.
Ncube said “some groups” would be vaccinated for free. However, he did not specify the groups.

Recently, Ncube and George Guvamatanga, the permanent secretary in the Ministry he leads, announced that the country had mobilized about US$100 million for the purposes of procuring COVID-19 vaccine.

This is happening when the country is experiencing a coronavirus resurgence which has seen new cases and deaths rising at an aggressive speed.

Some members of the public are already complaining about the cost of getting tested for COVID-19 with some saying the procedure should be for free since the World Health Health Organization and other stakeholders, donated testing kits to Zimbabwe.

Some say Ncube must define “private citizens” in relation to the laws of the land and also tell the “role of the government in times like these.” -newshawks

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