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Chinese Health Experts Confirm TV Joshua’s Prophecy On Coronavirus End…


Chinese health experts have declared that by the end of March 2020, there will be no more new COVID-19 cases in Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak.

According to Zhang Boli, part of the 14-member research team sent by Beijing to Hubei province to guide the response to the epidemic, the outbreak has been effectively contained within China and life will soon return to normalcy for Chinese citizens.

In other areas of Hubei, Zhang – who is also the director of the Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine – expects that there will be zero new cases by the middle of the month.

The rosy predictions come as official Chinese data shows that new infections outside of Hubei province have dropped to near zero, apart from coronavirus-infected travellers arriving from abroad.

The declarations of the Chinese health officials echo the viral prophecy given by Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua about the end of the dreaded disease.

“By the end of this month – whether we like it or not – it will go the way it came,” Joshua declared on Sunday 1st March 2020 during his sermon aired live on Emmanuel TV.

This corroborated his message on January 4th 2020 – before the virus came to public attention – when the cleric declared that the fearful events of 2019 would end in March 2020 according to “God’s timetable”.

“The reason why I am here today is to clear the air, to let you know calmness has returned. So, there is no cause of alarm,” he counselled congregants.

Earlier, on Saturday 29th February 2020, Joshua declared that “showers of rain that will wipe away the fear of the unknown” would fall as a sign the days of the disease were numbered.\

Heavy fain fell in Wuhan, China the day after this declaration, with Emmanuel TV viewers also reporting of unusual rainfall in countries worldwide.

Joshua had termed 2020 a “year of humility”, adding that there would be a worldwide “economic backlash” – a declaration that has already been proven accurate in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak.


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