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Breaking: Genius “Ginimbi” ARRESTED Again…


It never rains but pours for businessman and socialite Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure after he was arrested again and appeared in court today on fresh charges of US$90 000 fraud in unpaid duty, after he allegedly undervalued his Rolls Royce Ghost which he imported into the country, Zimbabwe Voice can report.

While he bought the car for 5 million Rand, Genius Kadungure made a fake invoice of 3 million Rand, hence he was charged less duty.

Ginimbi who was released from remand prison on Tuesday after spending two weeks in custody on a similar matter involving a Bentley Continental GT, appeared before Harare Regional Magistrate Hosea Mujaya but the State led by prosecutor George Manokore was not opposed to him being granted bail.

He was ordered to deposit RTGS$5 000 bail among other conditions which include that he has to report once every two weeks at the police and to continue residing at this Domboshava Village till the matter is finalised.

Jonathan Samukange who is representing Ginimbi, said his client is denying the allegations and will challenge them (allegations) when he is back in court on March 19.

Prosecutor Manokore told the court that sometime in October 2017, Ginimbi went to Daytona in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he bought a Rolls Royce Ghost for 5million Rand.

Indications are that in a bid to deceive the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, Ginimbi cooked up the invoice to purport as if he bought the sleek vehicle for 3 million Rand.

The court heard that Ginimbi went further to concoct a South African bill of entry as if the car had been cleared by the South African Revenue Services.

In July 2018, using the fake documents, Ginimbi went to Beitbridge Boarder Post and then them to ZIMRA officials who were on duty.

As a result, Ginimbi is said to have been charged US$138 170‬ for duty, instead of US$228 430‬, thereby conning the tax collector US$90 260.

Investigations are said to have shown that Daytona had sold the car for 5million Rand as opposed to 3 million Rand.

Reports are that SARS also realised that the bill of entry used by Ginimbi was fake as it had been used to clear another vehicle.


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