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Bonang Matheba agrees to buy fan a PS5 if she gets something in return


Bonang Matheba got a rather boujee request from a fan that she did not outright say no to. Many South African celebs help their fans out with school supplies, food, electricity and airtime, but this is something else.

Twitter saw Queen B respond to a fan who asked her for a whole PS5 – you would think sis would have ignored this, right?

At a time where most are struggling to pay their rent and feed their families, this person feels a PS5 is what is most needed. Reaching out to ask Bonang to hook him up with a PS5, the fan cried out like it was a matter of survival. “@bonang_m can you please get me one of these ”


Surprisingly, Bonang did not shoot down the request or just ignore it outright, she actually entertained it. Bonang agreed but wanted to know what’s in it for her. “Sure….what do I get in return?”

The people were shocked that Bonang was even entertaining the request. An entire PS5, kante! They took to the comment section to air their views with some wishing they had asked Queen B for a PS5 so that she could have shown them some attention. “Nkosi why didn’t I ask @bonang_m so she wud have asked me this question instead?”

bonang tweet1

Others let Bonang know what they would give her if she bought them a PS5. “Well if you bought for me, we’d have a mutually beneficial deal in that I’d come perform a 30min live east lounge set at one of the BNG events while your guests have dinner”

bonang tweet2

bonang tweet3

Some were not sure how they would answer Bonang if she asked them what they wanted.


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